Save Trees To Save Ourselves

Who in this world but not more than the significance of the trees? Trees are no less than god to us in many ways, So save trees to save ourselves. A small seed becomes a big tree that gives shade in summers, The leaves of the trees fall down to provide us with more sunlight during winters and when the atmosphere becomes moist in monsoon they provide shelter to animals, birds and human beings too. Flowers on trees are a joy to be seen. These fruits satisfy our hunger. Many trees have medicinal values. Also, the trees are the largest and longest-living things on earth and they live much longer than animals, Providing free oxygen for generations to live. Trees help in controlling the temperature of the environment by transpiration.

Environment refers to the natural surroundings and conditions in which we live. Unfortunately, this environment has come under serious threat. This threat is almost entirely due to human activities. These human activities have certainly caused serious damage to the environment. Most noteworthy, this damage risks the survival of living things on earth. Therefore, there is an urgent need to save the environment.

First of all, planting trees should be given massive attention because our survival depends on oxygen and trees are the only source of natural oxygen for us. Unfortunately, due to rapid urbanization and industrialisation, many trees had been cut down during the last two decades. This certainly reduces the amount of oxygen in the environment. Growing more trees means more oxygen. Hence, growing more trees would mean better life quality.

Trees are also indirectly linked to the water cycle. They transpire and help in the building clouds that regulate the rainfall. The roots of the trees also dig deep in the earth and help the rainwater to reach the groundwater table so that the level of groundwater in the water table remains constant.

Damage to the environment has also severely reduced the level of groundwater. Furthermore, there is a scarcity of clean drinking water throughout the world. Due to this, A large human population is deprived of its right to get clean drinking water. A number of people in our country also have to travel long distances to fetch water. Saving trees would certainly help in mitigating such problems.

Excessive use of paper, furniture, timber etc has also increased the demand for wood and thus increased deforestation. As far as practicable, waste products should be recycled to make new items. The domestic and industrialist garbage should be segregated as recyclable and non-recyclable before dumbed. There should be a zero-tolerance policy towards deforestation. Each one of us can contribute to saving the environment by planting just one tree every month.

We can make a donation to NGOs that are engaged in planting trees or in any way working towards saving the environment. Safer environmental friendly car and vehicle should be used. For short distances, people should be encouraged to use a bicycle in place of motor-based vehicles. The use of environmentally unfriendly material such as plastic should be discouraged.

The saving environment would certainly protect the animals also. Extinction of species will definitely lower down if the habitat of an animal is saved. Many endangered species would also increase in population and help in maintaining biodiversity. 

I can, Thus, conclude that our environment comprising of trees, air, water, animals and humans, is a precious gift of nature. Each entity is linked intricately with the other. So losing one will leap to losing others in due course. Today, our environment is facing a big danger. The saving environment is the need of the hour. Probably, It is the biggest concern of humanity right now. We should understand we save trees, we save our environment, we save ourselves.

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