SOCIAL MEDIA | Covid•19: The Rise of the Internet

Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various other platforms like TikTok have been on the rise ever since the occurrence of the widely feared pandemic due to a novel virus, namely, corona virus. The virus’ effects forced people to remain physically distant in an attempt to Prevent further spread, thereby strengthening the virtual ties between Covid•19: The Rise of the Internet different parts of the world. The lockdown which spanned for about a period of nearly 8 months, caused people locked inside there homes to surf the internet for more than 16 hours a day, social media platforms became more active than ever in an attempt to communicate between friends, relatives and even for the government to keep the people of the nation updated on the current status of the disease. Covid•19: The Rise of the InternetMost colleges in an attempt to salvage the situation conducted many online competitions and fests with the intention to continue a curriculum as near normal as possible. Even businesses like healthcare and fitness were shifted online. Online classes for aerobics, dancing or simple exercises for selected weight loss types were offered along with online medical consultation to ensure that people received medical attention without having to unnecessarily travel to a hospital and increase risk to exposure. A large portion of the population was inclined to try and become social media celebrities by sparking off new trends and many other ways offered online to make money such as youtubers!

Owing to the falling economy because of lack of workers that would be allowed to go to a factory or company for work, many of the industries failed to be operational for months, leading to a decline in the economy and also shortage of food. However, services like amazon and fruits basket took care of the food and shopping industries by making online shopping easier and cheaper and many other companies were able to restart work thanks to zoom calls and Skype! These gave the employees the ability to remain at home while continuing to efficiently work for the company. Moreover, the schools and colleges that were forced to shut down continued education in the form of online classes where a daily routine was followed and lectures were delivered via zoom calls, google meet, impartus or other such sites along with daily assignments and regular tests or exams.

The social media platforms have provided great relief to the people dying of boredom and might have been one of the very few things preventing them from losing their sanity from being cooped up or losing their minds out of anxiety out of fear regarding the collapsing state of the pan-immune system. It has been used to the maximum strength since its birth, even to the point where certain sites crashed thanks to excessive traffic.

While these platforms have proved to be beneficial in maintaining the peace and sanity during these troubled times, they continue to have harmful effects as well. They divide people living within the same household, lead to depression, insomnia, a public frenzy due to false information being circulated on the internet about the current pandemic situation, people have also tried committing dangerous acts such as going out without masks, going on drives when we are all supposed to stay within the safety of our own homes etc in order to make videos to get them trending, increased number of online scams among many others. So stay home, stay alert and stay safel

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